The Best Skincare Routine Guide for Men

The Best Skincare Routine Guide for Men

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It’s essential that your daily skincare routine protects your skin, promotes overall skin health and keeps you looking your best all year round. Whether you’re facing a sun, rain, or snow-filled month, why not make our essential skincare guide part of your daily routine?

Here are our simple tips to keep your skin healthy and looking its best every day.

Morning Skincare Routine.


While you sleep, bacteria and dirt can build up on your face, so cleansing first thing in the morning is an important step in getting grime off your skin and avoiding breakouts. This year, try a sensitive face wash during your morning shower, preferably micellar water-based. Steer clear of soap products and ones with artificial scents as these can dry out your skin.


Exfoliating will remove built-up dirt and dead skin that accumulates on your face throughout the week. Avoid products with plastic exfoliating beads where you can — this micro-plastic is terrible for the environment and can cause micro-tears in your skin. Seek out exfoliators with natural ingredients instead.

During your morning shower or face wash, rub an exfoliant onto your face, focusing on your forehead, nose, and chin where pores tend to be larger. This will improve the look of your skin by brightening your complexion and will keep pores clear. 

Aim to exfoliate twice a week, preferably before you shave. Be careful not to exfoliate every day to avoid irritating your skin, especially if you’re shaving daily.


If you're part of the majority of men who shave daily, pat your face dry and grab a good quality shaving cream after your wash routine. Apply liberally onto the required areas. Then, massage the cream into your face and wait about a minute for it to soften your hairs. Now your skin is ready to shave.


A warm shower will have softened your facial hair and relaxed the pores, setting your skin up for a comfortable shave. With a fresh, good quality razor (to avoid shaving rash), shave; going with the grain on the first pass.

For a closer shave, follow this up by shaving against the grain. Rinse with cold water before letting your skin dry.

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Moisturizing should be the main element in your morning routine, so we advise you to find a moisturizer that is packed with natural, active ingredients to protect your skin against the day ahead. This step is also vital for replacing any moisture lost during the shave. 

Which ingredients are key? Well, UVA protection will defend your skin against daily sun damage and is essential even when the sun is behind the clouds. Proven active peptide ingredients and vitamin c are also vital, as these will help promote collagen production to repair and protect your skin against aging.

Furthermore, moisturizing daily is important for men because it helps ward off unwanted spots, as hydrated pores are less likely to become clogged with dirt or bacteria. Keeping your routine and products simple is key, so find a moisturizer that will cover all bases.

Evening Skincare Routine.


You should also be cleansing before bed because pollutants, food, mud, grime, and oil accumulate on the face throughout the day. Try to avoid facial wipes as they are both harmful to the environment and can be too rough on your skin. Opt for a liquid toner or a sensitive face wash to get the day's pollutants off your skin and off of your pillow.


A quality eye cream will hydrate your eyes and keep wrinkles at bay. The skin here is thin, so look for natural ingredients with vitamins and use your fourth, weaker finger to apply. Apply eye cream daily to protect against aging. But remmeber, don't apply eye cream too close to your eye. Aim for the orbital bone just under your most sensitive eye area and extend the cream to the lower eyebrow bone above your eyelid. If you're looking to target dark circles or overly puffy eyes, look for eye creams that contain some caffeine. This will help you wake up looking more alert.


We may sound repetitive, but moisturizing truly is the key to healthy skin. Make sure you end your nighttime routine with another layer of moisturizer to lock in hydration, maximize absorption, and enhance the skin barrier. Our skin cells do all the hard work at night, so this step is one you certainly cannot afford to skip. 

Once you've lathered your face with your favorite moisturizer, don't forget to follow up with a lip balm. 

Repeat Daily.

A consistent, daily routine is the secret to supporting skin health. We believe in long-term skincare and looking and feeling your best for years to come, so we recommend finding a simple solution that works for you — and sticking with it.

If you are interested in how your skin changes throughout the year and the best way to support it (inside and out), make sure you read our ultimate guide to how the seasons affect your skin.

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